Why do I do what I do? To be honest my passion is fitness and nutrition. Coaching gives me the opportunity to help others achieve their goals. It feels really good to help others especially when it comes to life changing transformations that are not just physical, but emotional and mental as well.


Hi guys, My name is Andrew Martin. Everyone calls me Marty, I have been involved with fitness and nutrition for the past 14 years. I specialized in helping athletes transform their bodies in order to perform at their best. Over the years I have taken my experiences with athletes and applied my knowledge to helping others not only transform their bodies but also feel amazing, have increased energy, and be able to do more of the things they love.

The people I relate to and understand the best are those who have dedicated their life to educating others. I myself work as the Strength & Conditioning Director in a school, my wife is a teacher, and many of our close friends are educators. I understand the schedule and demands of an educator and have built three different online training packages to help you reach your goals.

Andrew Martin

You are not alone if you are afraid of failure, because I am as well. We all have those moments where the anxiety of the unknown takes over. The key is to know why you are doing something, your deep reason. Knowing your why grounds you and brings you back to balance when life doesn’t go as planned.

The process!! Thats the key. Living in the process helps us achieve our goals and sustain what we give our effort to. Fads, fat loss competitions and those short term experiences we put ourselves through don’t work….in the long run. Thats because they do not create a solid foundation, they do not create life long habits.

Have goals, strive for them, live in the process and learn what works for you. Failure = feedback. Failure when pursuing your goals is really just cues for adjustments along the way.


I am here to help you keep going when you are used to stopping. You have more than likely tried things in the past and now you are here. You are reading these words. The difference with MartyStrength Online Coaching is that we keep going together. Yes you will struggle, you will feel like giving up. You will also feel amazing and succeed. Through it all I will help you with consistency, managing expectations, and following a plan that works for you.

Laura Green

Lost 30 pounds & Over 22 inches

“I had hesitation when starting my online training through PN because I wasn’t comfortable with sharing my personal concerns and weaknesses or showing vulnerability to someone I didn’t know. I was also doubtful that this method of having a trainer would work for me or produce results that were any different than methods I had tried in the past.
I soon realized this program was nothing like anything I had tried in the past!

While working through the online program, Marty was there each step of the way. During our Skype conversations, I was able to ask questions and share concerns knowing I would get a compassionate, knowledgeable answer and trust was quickly gained.

With the guidance and encouragement of Marty, I was able to become more open, which in turn gave me better insight into my own fitness journey and development.

Marty’s responses were sensitive, positive, definitely encouraging and motivating. During our conversations, Marty was able to communicate how much he wanted me to succeed not for himself but for me.

My goals were to lose weight and to be more physically fit. I now enjoy consistently making healthy food choices, I have improved self-confidence and ability to manage my own health and fitness, and I am stronger mentally and physically.”