Shed The Unwanted Weight Stop & Being The Slowest Player On The Ice!

No More Sucking Wind After Each Shift

1 on 1 Remote Remote Coaching Program For ADULT hockey Players who want to BURN FAT, BUILD MUSCLE and play the game they love for as long as possible.

Coach Martin has worked with athletes in:

Let me be honest with you. 

Your current workout and nutrition plan is not going to help you on the ice. It probably isn’t helping you lose those unwanted pounds either.

As an adult hockey player, you can have the best of both worlds…

There is no need to follow some crappy fitness plan that is designed to have you lose a ton of weight just so you can gain it all back plus more.

You need a plan that gets you ripped, improves your first step, and makes it so you don’t feel like you got hit by a truck after a game.

If you want to keep up with the fresh-out of junior hockey players that are buzzing around the ice…

Then you need to follow an individually designed plan that not only fits into your busy lifestyle but gets you the results you deserve.

Let me guess…Your lower back hurts or your knees hurt and your shoulders ache. Especially after a game or two on the weekend.

Here is the thing, you lack work capacity, “ the total amount of work you can perform, recover from, and adapt positively to”. Your lower back hurts because you lack true mobility and range in your hips. You are not training properly for healthy hips that can not only take the pounding of everyday life but also the hockey stride

What My Adult Hockey Player Online Coaching Program Will Do For You:

Build lean muscle

Build explosive speed, strength, and power
Reduce the risk of injury
Develop healthy, mobile, pain-free joints
Take the guesswork out of nutrition and weight loss

Here’s How It Works

When you become a member of the online coaching program, we begin with an in-depth consultation where we discuss your goals and establish a success path. I take all of your information and create a custom plan designed around training likes and dislikes, access to a gym or home gym, injury history, weight loss goals, and work schedules.

Everything will be delivered via my private training platform and app. On the platform, you will access and track your workouts complete with instructional videos for each exercise, a Custom meal plan + 100’s recipes, habit tracking, body composition tracking, and more. It’s everything you need to reach your goals and get the results you deserve.

Throughout the duration of your program, you can rely upon unlimited 24/7 consultation with me. If you have a question or just need some support, motivation or a kick in the butt I am always on hand via 24/7 in-app messaging.

Okay, I Want In! What Are The Next Steps

Here’s what you get for signing up as a member of the online coaching programme:

Custom remote training with Coach Marty

Bonuses & Guides:

How Can You Know This Will Work For You?

If you’re struggling with…

Then this is the last program you will ever need. You can have it all.
 Play the game you love at a higher lever, have more fun, AND loose the weight while becoming the best version of yourself



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