Calling BEER League Hockey Players

 How to build muscle, lose fat and move pain-free

Coach Martin has worked with athletes in:

  • Do you walk into every weight room session with a plan, or just make it up from session to session?
  • Do you train like a beast in the gym but eat like a slob in the kitchen?
  • Have your back/knees/hips seen better days, and now it’s causing you issues on the ice?

If so, keep reading…

What The Adult Hockey Player Weight Room Program Will Do For You:

Build lean muscle & functional strength to help with shot power and winning puck battles

Improve explosive power so that you can get to the puck first

Reduce the risk of injury and reverse chronic postural issues caused by everyday life and long periods of sitting 

Develop healthy, mobile, pain-free joints

Video vault membership for on and off ice training videos

Here’s How It Works

When you sign up, you will get instant access to your weight room workout.  Each month you will receive a new plan.

Everything will be delivered via my private training platform and app. You will access and track your workouts on the platform, complete with instructional videos for each exercise, body composition tracking, and more. It’s everything you need to reach your goals and get the results you deserve.

Exercises come with specific substitute options for home training or if you do not have access to specialized equipment.  You can also edit you program in real-time swapping in and out different exercises

Throughout your program, you can rely upon unlimited support via FAQ.

Okay, I Want In! What Are The Next Steps

Whats Inside The Program:

Bonuses & Guides:

How Can You Know This Will Work For You?

If you’re struggling with…

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