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Stickhandling Foundations

Program Details: The total program is 16 weeks. There are 4 levels that are 4 weeks long. Each level is designed to get progressively more challenging.
What To Expect: Improve strength in your hands, touch around the net and in game pressure situations. By the end of the program your ability to efficiently control the puck, beat opponents, and make plays will improve.

Elite Hockey Off Season Program

Program Details: The total program is 12 weeks. There are four 3 week phases which include a Prep, Strength, Contrast, and Pre-Season Phase
Requirements: Must have experience with strength and conditioning, resistance training, and olympic lifting.
What To Expect: Expect to drastically improve your strength, explosive power, mobility, protection against injury, and in game performance.

Hockey In-Season Training

Program Details: The total program is 20 weeks. There are five 4 week phases which include two full body workout days and one movement + recovery day per week
Requirements: Must have some experience with strength & conditioning. Alternative exercises are provided for advanced exercises.
What To Expect: Expect to maintain and build upon your strength and explosive power that you have built during you off season training. The movement and recovery day will keep you moving efficiently and help you bounce back after training, practices, and games.