The Complete Hockey Player Coaching Program

Improve Hockey IQ & Confidence

1 on 1 Remote Remote Coaching Program for hockey Players 13 years or older who need to improve their hockey IQ, confidence and play the game they love at a higher level..

Our Coaches have worked with athletes in:

For most players who struggle, this is them

“I’m a great practice player, but I struggle to make plays in games.”

“When I play three on three or pickup hockey, I feel free and relaxed and play my best hockey.”

These are the main messages we get when players join our Complete Hockey Player Coaching program.

Sometimes the inability to make plays is a technical skill thing. Sometimes it has to do with confidence (or lack of confidence). Sometimes it is a bit of both.
Hockey is a very demanding sport, both physically and mentally.

It is the purest form of controlled chaos…And sometimes, it leaves good players behind because they need a little bit longer to understand strategies and concepts. 

There are sometimes only two coaches on a team of 16-20 players. Those coaches don’t have the time to give one-on-one attention to each player.

This is why we created the Complete Hockey Player Coaching remote program.
We help players find confidence in their game through a safe 1 on 1 coaching environment that allows them to ask important questions and take their time absorbing Information.

We layer in proper in-season and off-season training, nutrition and skill work.

Geoff Schomogyi -Program Director

Sean Teakle – Head Coach

Matthew Chairantano – Head Coach

Matt Chiarantano is currently an Assistant Coach for the Mississauga Steelheads in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL). Previously, Matt coached with the North York Rangers (OJHL) as an Associate Coach. Matt played junior hockey in the OJHL for the Georgetown Raiders before moving on to the NCAA. Matt is a graduate of Niagara University and was a member of the Purple Eagles from 2012-2016, where he earned a Master’s Degree in Education. Along with coaching, Chiarantano works with many junior and professional players as a skills development instructor.

What Our Complete Hockey Player Online Coaching Program Will Do For You:

Improve confidence & Hockey IQ so you can make more plays when it counts.

Build explosive speed, strength, and power to blow by the competition

Reduce the risk of injury so you can play more games.

Develop healthy, mobile, pain-free joints

Take the guesswork out of performance nutrition & recovery

Here’s How It Works

When you join THE COMPLETE HOCKEY PLAYER COACHING PROGRAM we begin with an in-depth consultation where we discuss your goals and establish a success path. We take all of your information and create a custom plan designed around your individual strengths and weaknesses, goals, injury history, and schedule.

Everything will be delivered via our private training platform and easy to use app.  You receive 24/7 support directly with our coaches on the platform. 

You will work with a coach every single week to discuss and breakdown game footage, goal setting,  practice/game strategy, and much more…

You will access and track your workouts complete with instructional videos for each exercise, a Custom meal plan + 100’s recipes, habit tracking, and more. It’s everything you need to reach your goals and get the results you deserve.

Throughout your program, you can rely upon unlimited support and guidance.

If you have a question or just need some support, motivation or a kick in the butt we are always on hand via 24/7 in-app messaging.

Okay, I Want In! What Are The Next Steps

Use the button below or above to book a call with one of our coaches.  The call is a free consultation where we go over where you are now, where you want to get to and what is missing.

The Complete Hockey Player Coaching Program

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