Elite Hockey Offseason Program

What To Expect:
Drastically improve your strength, explosive power, mobility, protection against injury, and in game performance

 Program Includes:

  • 12 Weeks of Training  (4 Training Phases) Prep Phase, Strength Phase, Contrast Phase, and Pre-Season Phase
  • 4 days per week.  Each phase is 3 weeks long
  • Exclusive training videos
  • Tracking of progress, including automatically calculated lifting percentages
  • Performance nutrition guidance
  • All on a Custom App & Web Platform
  • This program is for those who have experience with strength & conditioning & olympic lifting.  This program IS NOT for first time lifters or beginners. 

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Elite Hockey OffSeason Program

Track & Log Results

Built in timer for each exercise as well as "challenge" drills where you record and track your progress.

24/7/365 Unlimited Access

Choose between individual phases or LIFE TIME access to your program

Web, IOS & Android

Available through your browser, in the App store and Play store. Download the custom MARTY STRENGTH App

Video Demonstration

View video breakdown of each featuring MARTY STRENGTH coaches exercise

"I started training with Marty when I was in minor hockey and have continued through major junior and now at the pro level. I’ve seen professional hockey team trainers and tried different programs throughout my career. I’ve always gone back to Marty because he provides me with the perfect program best suited for my game and body. Through my experience it is shown every summer I’ve trained with Marty I’ve had an extra step on the ice and played full seasons healthy. This is because of his program and attention to detail. I would highly recommend training with Marty both on and off the ice if you are seriously considering playing at a high level of hockey, for a long time."
Tyler Graovac


Most frequent questions and answers


Is the program refundable?
– No. All purchases of the Marty Strength Program are non-refundable.

Is your program a digital DOWNLOAD or DVD?

— This program is 100% ONLINE.  so your first step is to click on the links on this page and purchase the program. Purchasing a “Life Time” subscription  gives you unlimited access to all four phases. All you Need is Internet Access! Download the Marty Strength app to view your program on the go!

Is this type of training dangerous?

Since I’m not physically there with you correcting drill form, so it’s important that you have the ability to watch the video, learn from the exercise demonstration and execute each exercise with good form.

This program is NOT for people with injuries, illness or any disease that may hinder high intensity exercise.

Can I do this program at the same time as another program or strength and conditioning program?

— NO,  This is a stand alone program and should not be added to any other program

YES. You will need access to a fully equipped Strength & Conditioning Gym.  There are alternative exercises available for most exercises that require less equipment or just your body weight.  To get the most out of the program you will need:

* Free weights * Barbells/Olympic lifting bar * Kettle bells * Foam roller * Mini bands * Hurdles * Fan bike/Stationary bike * Med ball * Chin up bar * Trap bar * Cable machine  * Agility ladder * (OPTIONAL) –>Heart rate monitor *


— This program is for those who have experience with strength & conditioning & olympic lifting.  This program IS NOT for first time lifters or beginners. 

— You should expect to drastically improve your strength, explosive power, mobility, injury prevention, and in game performance and recovery.  Results will vary from person to person.

— Remember, you get out of the program what you put into it.  You must put in the time and effort to get results

This program is designed for experienced lifters 18 years of age or older

— If you’re under 18 years of age you must have a parent consent to your purchase.

— With all Marty Strength programs If you’re under 18 years of age you should always be supervised by a knowledgable adult who has the ability to help with exercise description and execution.