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Where Joy Comes From

What I have come to realize more and more is doing the things I know I should or want to do at the moment when I don’t feel like doing them brings me joy. I can probably simplify that.

I feel joy when I do what I planned on doing even when I don’t feel like it. Things like working out, waking up at 5:15 am, reading 10 pages a day or more, and writing every day.

All these things get easier BUT there is still that brief moment when I start to do them or just when I wake up that I have the feeling of “this sucks”. The joy and feeling of accomplishment come when I do the “things”.

These are small things. Nothing to crazy. They really have very little impact on my day. Their power comes when I do them every single day. When at the end of the month I have read 3 books or written 30 blog posts.

The key to failure is having the thought “ I don’t feel like doing this” and then following through on that feeling.

The key to success and happiness then must be to realize that you rarely get to decide how you feel. What you do get to decide is how you act and do regardless of how you feel.

“I don’t feel like it” but I am going to it anyways is a life-changing mindset.

– Coach Marty

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"I would highly recommend training with Marty both on and off the ice if you are seriously considering playing at a high level of hockey, for a long time."

Tyler Graovac

"Marty has been a big influence on my overall development as a hockey player. His on-ice skill sessions helped to improve my speed and power. Marty’s office sessions were extremely detailed and hockey specific. Marty also assisted in recommending an effective diet program for me. His personable nature made working hard enjoyable."

Scott Wilson

"Andrew Martin is both a role model and a friend. I began training with him when I was 16, and his attention to the individual athlete’s needs was evident right from the start. Working with him on a day-to-day basis has allowed me to both develop personal goals and push my limits. My workouts, in combination with the emphasis he places on healthy living and proper nutrition, have been exponential in terms of yielding the results I wish to see."

Scott Wedgewood