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Are We There Yet?

It’s great to have goals but it is important what purpose a goal serves.  The purpose of a goal is not just to achieve or get to an endpoint.  This is because as you go through the process of moving closer to your goal you become a different person, you improve.  Your skills get better. Your goal might even change.

Secondly, the “goal” is not the be-all and end-all.  Your goal is a target that gives you information on how and when to adjust what you are doing.  Many times the thought of achieving the goal is much more exciting and motivating than actually reaching it.

It’s the journey that counts.  It’s the process that gets you there that develops your new skills and molds you into a newer better version of yourself.  When you reach your goal it isn’t over.  Instead, you will probably ask yourself now what?

Yes, of course, you want to reach a goal but realize how important the process was.  How much you learned along the way about yourself and what you are capable of.  That is the magic.  Those experiences are always going to be more important than the ned result.

-Coach Marty

"I would highly recommend training with Marty both on and off the ice if you are seriously considering playing at a high level of hockey, for a long time."

Tyler Graovac

"Marty has been a big influence on my overall development as a hockey player. His on-ice skill sessions helped to improve my speed and power. Marty’s office sessions were extremely detailed and hockey specific. Marty also assisted in recommending an effective diet program for me. His personable nature made working hard enjoyable."

Scott Wilson

"Andrew Martin is both a role model and a friend. I began training with him when I was 16, and his attention to the individual athlete’s needs was evident right from the start. Working with him on a day-to-day basis has allowed me to both develop personal goals and push my limits. My workouts, in combination with the emphasis he places on healthy living and proper nutrition, have been exponential in terms of yielding the results I wish to see."

Scott Wedgewood