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Do This One Things To stop Pucks Blowing Up On Your Backhand

Receiving a pass on the backhand side might be one of the most underrated skills a hockey player can possess.

It seems like such a simple skill but many players overlook its importance.

To see how valuable accepting a pass on the backhand side can be simply watch a full hockey practice or game. Especially at the younger ages.

Count how many times a player misses a pass on the backhand or how many times the puck blows up on the backhand side.

This happens on breakouts, NZ re-groups, offensive zone opportunities.

By building the habit and skill of accepting a pass on your backhand side you will give yourself the chance to have the puck on your stick more often and make more plays.

Spend ten minutes each day doing this:

Have someone pass you pucks [or a ball] to your backhand side.

Instead of just letting the puck hit your stick here is what I want you to do.

I want you to move your stick towards the puck right at the last second.  Think a quick movement with the hands.

This stops the momentum of the puck and limits the chances of the puck deflecting or bouncing off your blade.


– Coach Marty

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