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Does Motivation Matter? Are You Waiting To Feel Motivated To Act?

It can be easy not to do the thing you know you should be doing. 


Sometimes we look at a task and feel unmotivated to do it. It could be eating a healthy breakfast, getting to the gym for your workout, or finishing work that is due the next day.


Motivation is a funny thing. It never really shows itself when we need it. Motivation seems to disappear when we are tired, have nothing left, and just downright bored. But that is when we need it most!  


Or do we?


There are 1000’s of youtube videos online with speeches and graphics and famous people giving talks with “epic” music in the background. We post images with the hashtag #motivationalmonday and do our best to not only motivate ourselves but for others as well.


But again, when we need it, any motivation seems to have tiptoed out of the room.  


The question is, then what is it that gets us going in those moments to do the things we want and need to do? I know what holds me back in these moments.


It is when I start to tell myself “that I am too tired,” “ill do it later,” and “it doesn’t matter if I do it or not.” I am holding myself back. Really what I am doing is avoiding the present moment and either creating excuses or justifying inaction.


“The only way out is through”

-Carl Jung


Action will set you free! Just force yourself to get off the couch, start the first line of a paper that is due, or begin a stationary warmup.  


It is incredible what will happen once we act. A little bit of action breaks the internal dialogue.  Action anchors you in the present moment instead of pushing or pulling you to the future or past.


With that little bit of action, you are allowing yourself to build momentum. The first line of your paper turns into a paragraph. The stationary warmup turns into a dynamic warmup, and then eventually, you are feeling great in the gym lifting weights.


You have turned nothing into something through a tiny action. Remember this the next time you are searching for the motivation to do something. 


Take action, and good things will happen.