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Natural Survival Instinct

A funny thing happens when we set in our mind something we are willing OR not willing to do. 

We are more likely to do or not do that thing.

Think about the game of hockey and making yourself as big as possible in front of a 90 mph slap slot. Yes, you have equipment on, but several spots are not protected on your body, and even the equipment is not 100 % full proof. 

You are standing in front of another player who has the potential to fire a rubber puck at you that could do some severe damage.

Here is the question, what is your natural instinct at that moment? Is it to jump out of the way, lift one of your skates just a tiny bit off the ice, or is it to commit to not moving and blocking that shot.

Here is why pre-thought and setting your mind is so important.  

If you did not decide before the game that you are willing and “will” 100% block any shot necessary, then there is a good chance your natural instincts will take over and get you the hell out of the way of that shot.

It’s not a bad thing, you naturally want to protect yourself, survival instincts…

But sometimes you need to override that setting. You need to take the time before a game to sit in thought, stating to yourself what you are willing to do and sometimes not willing to do

That way you have already decided, you are not leaving it up to chance or letting your natural basic instincts choose. Instead, you decide for yourself. 

By doing so, there is a far greater chance you will do the hard things like block shots, backcheck when tired, finish your hits, and be positive when it is so easy to be negative.

-Coach Marty

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Tyler Graovac

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Scott Wilson

"Andrew Martin is both a role model and a friend. I began training with him when I was 16, and his attention to the individual athlete’s needs was evident right from the start. Working with him on a day-to-day basis has allowed me to both develop personal goals and push my limits. My workouts, in combination with the emphasis he places on healthy living and proper nutrition, have been exponential in terms of yielding the results I wish to see."

Scott Wedgewood